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  • A drone/UAV platform is employed towards the conduction of drone flights in targeted areas of interest in Cyprus. Data collected from drone flights are properly processed for the creation of orthomosaics. The latter are ingested into cloud-based data collections and thus being available to be exploited as a complementary data source to feed the DIONE toolbox.

  • Contains markers created for Lithuania in 2022.

  • High accuracy estimations of topsoil organic carbon content at Cyprus pilot areas of DIONE project. The estimations are calculated over the non covered soil as recognized by Sentinel-2 imagery analysis and are results of Deep Learning modeling based on Sentinel-2 imagery, Soil spectrometer measurements, LUCAS 2015 and LUCAS 2018 topsoil survey and DIONE chemical analyses (as performed by inter Balkan Environment center). The product is delivered in two versions: The 2021 version contains parcel level estimation of SOC content and the 2022 version contains high spatial resolution (10m) SOC content estimations over the pilot areas of Cyprus

  • Sentinel-2 Bottom of the Atmosphere reflectance spectral bands at 20m downscaled, assisting the provision of marker maps in DIONE.

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    The dataset consists of geotagged photos that have been captured by farmers through a mobile application in the context of the pilot demonstration of DIONE in Cyprus and Lithuania. The dataset is properly anonymised and acompannied accompanied by metadata (i.e., location, timestamp, altitude, etc)

  • Calculation of Trophic State Index (TSI), Turbidity and Water Temperature for the pilot areas of Cyprus and Lithuania

  • Land cover identification of the pilot areas of Cyprus and Lithuania. The areas are characterized as one of the following categories • Crop land, • Wood land, • Grass land, • Shrub land, • Water area, • Wet land, • Artificial land • Bare land

  • Areas under (i) organic agriculture, under-conversion to organic agriculture, and (iii) under non-organic agriculture for the pilot areas of Cyprus and Lithuania

  • Greenhouse Gas (CH4, N20 & CO2) concentration over the pilot areas of Cyprus and Lithuania